SS 2018


Paris Haute Couture SS 2018, Elie Saab

Superb, poetic and evocative collection. Elie Saab enchants Paris and once again demonstrates the level of his art of being a real couturier because this spring/summer haute couture collection 2018 is pure art.

How to define his admirable creations, so poignant and exciting? Art is  provoking a reaction and giving an emotion and Elie Saab did exactly that.

Plutarch said that "the soul is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to arouse". And this fire Elie Saab knows very well how to turn it on, aware of the gift of knowing how to watch how many beauty there is in this world and turn this skill into beautiful haute couture dresses.

Every creation taken individually is a truly masterpiece of style, good taste and elegance, but, above all, of tailoring and a really superb know how.

While ramages and embroideries are present long amazing evening dresses that are the true essence of Beauty, to hit the imagination are delicate colors used to describe his inner inspiration. Unforgettable is also the sophisticated aristocracy with which his muses-models move on the catwalk, surrounded by feathers, illuminated by flashing embroidery and made hyper feminine thanks cuts and silhouettes able to gracefully enhance their natural elegance.


Inspiration: Timeless elegance
Lenghts: short and long, also combined together
Size: sinuous cuts gracefully caress the female body
Colors: silver, ink, black, blue
Fabrics: silk, organza, chiffon, lace, satin, tulle, feathers


FW 2017-18


Haute Couture Paris FW 2017-18, Elie Saab

If a little girl could dream up a Princess gown probably would like those proposed by Elie Saab in his last  haute couture fall/winter 2017-18 collection and so it would also like her mom and all women who love to dream sumptuous gowns, gifts, from the lines and volumes, with gilt, regal, with important lines and volumes, falls of golden ramages and brilliant embroidery.

None better than Elie Saab succeeds in his collection to approach with his hate couture fairytale atmospheres. Rather than Queens or empresses earthlings, as we know them, his dresses fare or Queens or empresses of fables.

Around each his amazing creation with vibrant colours athere is like an aura of light. His clothes are as many fireflies and during the fashion show they leave like a trail of light and absolute beauty that is difficult to forget.

From long capes to evening dresses that combine happily classical and experimental notes, always in the name of an upper class elegance and good taste.

Such lovely gowns to seem from otherworldly: it's hard to imagine who will have the fortune to show off one of them. Definitely the most sophisticated divas and celebrities who soon are going to great event, parties and premiere wearing one of this extraordinary masterpiece.

And even then the fairytale will continue because there are every ingredient of a modern fable: the beautiful star, heiress or jet setter, a dreamy location and a wonderful gowns.

Because the runways of Elie Saab are thus: do not exhaust their magic on the runway, but continue as many stars to shine for a long time and watching them very well you really cannot say that Beauty is a relative concept...


Mood: Once upon a time...
Lenght: long all over
Breadth: waisted corset and wide skirts; embroideried maxi capes and cloaks
Colors: Black, navy blue, gold, electric blue, red, teal, grey, nude, pale blue, powder pink
Fabrics: Velvet, silk, tulle, voile, organza, lace, crepe, wool, fur, feathers 

SS 2017


Haute Couture Paris SS 2017, Elie Saab

After admiring the collection haute couture bridal Elie Saab spring/summer 2017 is almost natural to think of Barthes:
fashion is the rotation of the possible, is the idea that there are some possibilities that are exploited in a circular manner, even if they do not return never exactly at the same point as in the imaginary circle of Giambattista Vico, historical courses and recourses theorist, something has changed. In the Haute Couture, in fact, we proceed rather quickly in a helicoidal way, a spiral. If historical courses and recourses are more reguarding the ready to wear, high fashion, however, anything is possible, even what has never happened before. In this kingdom still largely unexplored and full of possibilities, moves nimbly a great creative like Elie Saab that, in fact, throughout his career he has never repeated and still amazes for his ability to reset the already done to create a blank slate on which to write a new story. Because the real fashion is, above all, the art of change. His  route is, as evidenced by this latest summer collection, absolutely elliptical, not moving along a circle that is inevitably forced to quoting himself, proposing gowns which resemble creations of previous collections. In the name of absolute beauty and brand new, one of the most favourite movie star fashion designer, gives us a collection s/s that is pure joie de vivre with its amazing colors and its refined and charming silhouettes.


Mood: A Midsummer Night's Dream
Lenght: pants and skirt at the ankle; long evening dresses an long cape with trail
Breadth: dresses with straight line have on the back surprising and wide trails; sumptous capes; jumpsuit with skinny pants; bustier with draperies on wide skirt wit or without important rips; ankle dresses that enhances shapes
Colors: pale blue, nude, gold, silver, pink powder, white, lilia, cream, sapphire blue, royal blue
Fabrics: crepe, silk, organza, mikado, satin, tulle, plumage 

FW 2016-17


Haute Couture Paris FW 2016-17, Elie Saab

Free as a bird is a song by The Beatles and Elie Saab is not so far from this philosophy thanks a collection that literally takes off because of its inspiration linked to the world of Nature with color full flowers and, in particular, to the beautiful creatures of the sky, the birds that the amazing couturier homages with sophisticated plumes, pattern with enchant swallow and other birds or or even almost sculpted with hyperbolic 3D embroideries on sumptuous evening gowns.

Elie Saab goes back to his roots with a collection where embroidery is the great protagonist with the great visual impact of swarovski crystal, strass, paillettes, decoration and application. But be careful, because this isn't a step behind because finally the embroidery is no more only a sartorial tecnique to enlightining marvellous creations like sumptous daily wear or extraordinary evening gowns but is a bold strument to launch a message. In this case Elie Saab wants to talk abou Nature and eco-sustainability. Embroidery thanks Elie Saab finished to be only an easy and expected way of improvement but becames a very powerful medium to tell a story.


Mood: homage to birds and the power of embroidery to launches message
Lenght: over the knees, ankles and long, also with train
Breadth: touching lightly the silhouette or very wide with sumptous evening gowns
Colors: black, grey, gold, blue, white, ivory, magenta, purple, pearl grey, powdre pink
Fabrics: velvet, organza, tulle, silk, chiffon, plumes

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